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Revell 1/32 Ju 88A-1, What's in the Box?

Posted by David Bruneau on

Welcome back to my build of the Revell Ju 88A-1 in 1/32!


As to be expected, the monster box holds some monster sprues.  13 sprues, including the clear parts if I count correctly.  Here are a few of them to get a taste of what you can expect from this model:

Wings (above) - more than 9 inches long.

Fuselage (above), almost 18 inches long.

Other assorted gigantic parts!

A lot will be seen through these clear parts.  No way to hide a poorly done cockpit!

Decals for 2 versions, of which 1 is from the Battle of Britain - that's my choice!



After a quick look-over, detail looks ok to me - especially for a $40 CDN model.  It wouldn't win any awards, but I think you could build a reasonably good looking model right out of the box.  That's good, because that is what I am doing (other than an Eduard set for the cockpit.  Here is a closer look at some of the parts:

Main instrument panel (above).  Not fantastic, but it could be turned into something beautiful with some effort.  Luckily I have the Eduard set...

Sidewalls.  Not bad - a bit of wire here and there and we will be in business!

Radios (I think - need to check those references!).  Could be fixed up with a punch and die set.  Again, Eduard to the rescue for me.

Trying to show the recessed panel lines - not sure how well it turned out!  They look good to me, not too deep or wide.  Can't speak to the accuracy of the placement - I don't dig that deep.

I won't be showing them in my build, but the wheels/tires look pretty good.

The Eduard set that will save me a lot of time!

Overall I think this kit is a very good kit for the price.  There is a ton of plastic in there!  I have yet to do a thorough comparison between my references and the kit, so maybe I am in for some big surprises?  I hope not - I want to do a pretty straight-forward build due to the already enormous effort it will take just to complete this monster!

Next post I will share the references I was able to scare up from the depths of the net. 


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