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Revell 1/32 Ju 88A-1 build - Reference Photos

Posted by David Bruneau on

Hello again!

As usual, the first step is to gather photos of the subject build.  I don't have the cash to buy books, so my sole source is the internet.  This is usually not an issue these days, as I am sure you know, as there is often a wealth of info out there...except with the Ju 88!  It turns out that there is little to be found - about type, let alone the A-1.  I guess not many survived?  Or maybe it is just not a popular enough subject :(   Here's a summary of what I could find.

External reference

Modern exterior reference photos (ie: museum walk arounds) are few and far between and small in scope - just a few photos, usually from far away.  Not much help!  I will need to scour more period shots (of which there are many) to see if any can help, although I am not hopeful as most are either grainy, blurry or also too far away to give any good detail.  Maybe I will need to splurge for a book (if one exists) or just use what I can and take the plunge!  More on this later...


Very little here as well, but sometime that doesn't matter when you find some perfect shots.  Luckily, this is the case here!  I was able to find a gold-mine in the site below:

Many, MANY photos provided by someone working on a restoration of a Ju 88 - and an A-1 model to boot!  This site is awesome!  I am not sure I have ever seen such a high number of quality photos - taken all together, I am sure every square inch of the cockpit has been covered.  And how often do you get it all in color?  What a great resource!  Here are some examples from the site of the types of pictures you can expect:

It doesn't get much better than this.  Am I the only one that gets excited by great reference pictures?!

Next step is to gather the cockpit photos, compare them to the model and eduard, and figure out what needs to be done in terms of modifications/scratch building.  Also, but of less importance given the time until I get there, I need to figure out what to do (if anything) about external reference pics.

Bye for now.


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