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Revell 1/32 Ju 88A-1 build - Cockpit, Right Sidewall

Posted by David Bruneau on

Hello again!  Time to start tackling the cockpit.  I'll start where the instructions start - with the right sidewall - and work my way around.  First step is to compare the model parts to the reference pictures and see what should be done - then decide what I WILL do.  

The reference pics I have from the site mentioned in the previous post don't have a great overall view of the right side, but a few of them put together - combined with the detail shots - give a great start.  Here are the over-all shots I could find:

Here is the model part with most of the parts to be added placed on top for reference.

Right away I can see that the overall shots only really show the front half of the sidewall.  Hopefully I can scare up some pics of the rear!  General outline looks good - nothing jumps out at me as obviously wrong or freakishly out of place.  Lets take a look at some of the details...

Here is the control panel on the upper left of the model part.  This will be replaced with an eduard PE part.

Great shots!  Now, compared to the kit part...

Overall shape and button/dial locations aren't THAT bad, but the detail is over -sized and soft.  Eduard to the rescue.

Not perfect, but much much better. Looks like I will need to add some tiny details (like the selector switch on the bottom left panel) even to this!

Here is a shot of the oxygen regulator.

and the kit part....oops, there is no oxygen regulator in the kit - or at least not in the location shown in the reference.  I will need to poke around more to see what's going on here - am I reading the instructions and/or reference pics wrong, or is it really missing in the kit?  We'll see.

Here are some more details, followed by the kit parts:

Map box.

Kit part has soft detail.  That will easily be fixed.

Bomb sight.

Hmmm.  The kit part is still in 2 parts, but I think I gotta look into this one some more.  They look similar in some ways, way off on others.  Maybe I have a picture of the wrong version of the sight?  We'll see.

Emergency control column

The kit part still has to be trimmed of flash and sprue stubs, but it looks soft.  Can be improved a bit (or is it even worth it?), especially by adding what I assume is a restraining strap?

That's all I have for now.  I need to sit down and make a list of what I plan to add, then move on to the next part of the cockpit (rear) and start this process all over again.

'Til next time!





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