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Revell 1/32 Ju 88A-1 build

Posted by David Bruneau on

Hello!  My name is Dave and I run Duplicata Productions, a maker of scale model accessories.  I have been building models of all kinds for more than 30 years, but starting and then running the business has taken so much effort that I have not been able to build anything for a long, long time.  I figured that blogging about my builds might give me a few benefits:  

a) The shot in the arm I need to sit down and actually build again.  I think it is a lot harder to skip a build session if people are watching - assuming anyone will be watching! 

b) Hopefully I can get advice, tips and criticism from others to help me improve.  I hit a plateau many years ago, and now I live there.  I want and need to get out of my building/skills rut!  I have played it safe for too long.

c)  If I am able to promote my business a little, then what the hell!

Because I am an idiot, I decided to start off with not a small, quick build, but a whopper.  The 1/32 Ju 88A-1 from Revell.  I recently finished a Battle of Britain book and that pretty much drove the decision.  The model is a monster at 14" x 20" - but very cheap at $40 Canadian at my local shop.

I wanted to build the 88 'in-flight', but with a little more than the usual type of stand I have seen before.  I came across a some pictures on the net that inspired me.  I don't know where I got the pictures, so I can't credit the builder - my apologies!

I love the way the base gives a sense of height and location.  A plain base is good, but I couldn't resist trying to convey more than just a flying plane - it's all about transporting the viewer to a certain place and time, isn't it?  I thought the base could help with that..., I designed and built something that I thought would fit the 88 perfectly.  A picture of London being bombed at night.  Here is the final product:

Every accessory I build for my models ends up in my store, this one will be no exception!

So, I have the model, and I have the plan for the base.  Now I just need to sit down and start!  Next post will show what is in the box, as well as share some of the reference pictures I have found.



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