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Takom 1/35 Leopard C2 Mexas build

Posted by David Bruneau on

While doing my 1/32 Ju 88 I thought I would try my hand at a simultaneous build of the Takom C2 Mexas.  Being Canadian my eyes were glued to the news and net for updates on our soldiers trials and tribulations in Afghanistan throughout the aughts, and I couldn't help but love the sleek, yet rugged - almost futuristic - look of the newly upgraded (at that time) Leopards.  As soon as a kit was available I snapped one up...where it has been sitting in my stash ever since along with the Legend update set and some resin crew members from Real Model.  It's time to blow off the dust, rip off the cellophane, and crack it open.  What do we have?

Pretty standard.  Lotsa plastic, just what everyone likes.  What's this?  A little PE?  Fantastic.  And look - lenses!  Love it.  Shouldn't they be standard issue at this point?  So basic, yet so over looked for some reason.  You can get away without a metal barrel, or get rubber band tracks to look acceptable, but there is no way to get the lights looking any good without upgrading the stock parts with lenses.  They should be in every box!

The instructions look well done.  We'll see how they turn out.  I have never built a Takom before - I hope they are gentle with me...

Nope, they are not being gentle with me.  Individual track links.  I hate them.  I don't give a rats ass how good they look, fiddling with these tiny little bastards for days on end is the exact opposite of fun for me.  I am in this for pleasure, not frustration and eye strain.  I will see if I can get an acceptable pair of rubber band tracks from one of my other older Leopard kits.  If not I will bite the bullet, but I will be cursing the whole time.

I am glad that Takom added a figure, but I am puzzled as to why they chose an Afghan looking at his phone.  A crew member or Canadian infantry would have been more useful.  Not sure I will be using this one...

...because I have these.  As soon as I saw the Afghan playing candy crush on his phone I bought these resin figures knowing I would want at least one crew member manning the tank.

I also picked up...

...the Legend update set before I even knew if it was any good or even necessary.  Once I go through my gathered reference I will know more.

Speaking of which, my accumulated reference photos/build articles/pdfs will be the subject of my next post.  See you then!


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