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Takom 1/35 C2 Mexas build - References

Posted by David Bruneau on

Hello again.  I have been gathering my references, and here are the results.  

I was planning on building this years ago - and have been picking things up here and there over time, so I have a bit more than I would usually have.  As far as internet or magazine builds go, I have two (actually 3, but one was a repeat - should have payed better attention!).  Both are in the "how to Build the Leopard Family in 1:35" book (below) by ADH Publishing.  I think I payed around $20 bucks for it 2 years ago.  If you love the Leopard like I do, then it is well worth it.


There are two chapters (each chapter is a build) on the Mexas, both informative as well as inspirational.


Lots of great pics and suggestions.

On top of this I bought some great PDFs from the Leopard Club (, which have a terrific selection of reference and products for all us Leopard lovers out there.


The first is a build for an older update set - not the Takom, but it is still worth it.  The second is packed with pictures and general info - a fantastic buy at what I think was about $5 Canadian for each of them.  Leopard Club is a great resource.

I also hit a gold mine when I found a "tweak list" from Anthony Sewards (author of the Leopard C2 Mexas in Afghanistan above) and former C2 crew member.  If you can't trust a man who actually crewed the beast itself, who can you trust?  You can find the list here:

I added to this pile with many internet pics and some other builds.  There is a lot to go through!  I guess Mr. Sewards' list saves us all from the trouble of compiling our own tweak list!  That is fantastic!  So, the next step is to go over his list compared to what else I have read and determine which of his tweaks I will do.  That will be next!


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