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German Wehrmacht Staff Car Pennants, WW2 - 1/48 Scale

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    • PLEASE NOTE!  This item is printed on paper - It is not a decal or a transfer.  It must be assembled as described below.
    • Printed on premium, high quality paper tested and selected specifically for scale model flag construction. 
    • 11 different types - the standard officer's pennant, standard for the Afrika Korps, Commander of an Armored Division, Pioneer Division, Infantry Brigade, Artillery Brigade, Armored Recon Regiment, Military Police Regiment, Armored Company, Infantry Company and General.
    • 7 of each pennant (6 of the Regiment pennants), 75 total.
    • Width of each is approx. 5/16" (0.8 cm).
    • Quick and easy assembly - simply cut, glue and mould to your selected shape (detailed instructions included).
    • Comes with a set of practice flags to ensure 1st time success.


    • Thin, strong paper allows realistic bends and creases.
    • Can be flown, hung, draped, folded, cut, torn, shredded and even burned; see photos for examples.
    • Can be weathered with chalk, colored pencils, ink, or paint.
    • With so many flags of different sizes provided, one sheet can be used for many different projects.

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