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This website contains images that may be considered by some to be highly offensive. These images include:

- Swastikas and other Nazi, Fascist or racist symbols.

- Brutal historical figures such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or their henchmen.

- Propaganda images originally intended to promote reprehensible political views such as racism, discrimination, violence, hatred and/or murder.

Their use is not intended to condone, promote or glorify any of the views related to these images, which are justifiably abhorrent to most of the civilized world.  These images are used solely to allow the recreation of historically accurate scale models and dioramas.  In fact, our products are so small that they could not be used for any practical purpose other than scale modelling.  

We do not seek to offend, but to remember through the building of historic scenes.  Sadly, these images are part of our shared past.  At Duplicata Productions, we do not wish to censor any events or time periods in history as we feel that, as philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.